Never Stop Questioning

It’s funny how the world works.

What makes you think of a certain person? Do a certain action? Watch that movie? Get those weird feelings inside? People usually respond with God or some higher power. I don’t think that way, but I am always astounded by the way nature works. The past week has been particularly interesting,  surely I have had weeks like this before but I figured that I would write about this one.

Late at night when  I can’t sleep I tend to ponder Facebook. Just skimming through profiles or whatever, friends and non-friends; catching up on all the latest and greatest. Well, I recently visited an old friend’s profile out of random curiousity – haven’t caught up in a while. I don’t message or talk to or add as a friend again. Because honestly I don’t care; I’m only interested in them at this given time. It’s weird and creepy but whatever. Anyway, just out of the blue, two days after I looked at their profile on Facebook, they messaged me. Now, keep in mind, we haven’t talked in years. So this was really weird, but like I said, nature is pretty fascinating.

It gets better. Four and two days ago, meaning on two occasions,  my boyfriend and I were watching Mrs. Doubtfire. We love that movie. And we were commenting on it’s greatness as well as how awesome Robin Williams was. We’ve always wanted to know if he adlibbed that whole animation scene, as well if the way the wig scene was filmed was the way it was intended. Through watching the movie, laughing of course, I was reminded that I really wanted to buy Dead Poet’s Society because I also freaking love that movie – and I am just starting my teaching career. I can see it now……tearing out the pages of the math textbook.. Hahahaha I seriously love that movie. THEN ROBIN WILLIAMS DIES oh my goodness I almost started crying. I am legitimately heartbroken over his death. I don’t care for celebrities too much, but he was one of the few. He was in all my childhood movies making me laugh,  cry, think about life. I am so sad for his passing. I am also happy that he is no longer suffering. While I wish his condition could have been cured or managed, it put a lot of things into perspective. It shows that even though you, publicly, are an awesome person and have things that others dream of having,  you aren’t always happy. All those things, despite what people think, don’t make you happy – I mean they can for a while, but certainly not long term. It’s so crazy.

Life works so weirdly. Have you ever thought about why you went through certain “life events”? Or crossed paths with a certain someone? Thought about why you think or the method of your thinking and why you might think that way? Life is so cool when you start thinking and connecting all those characteristics.




Be Different


Being a female in the physical sciences already sets me apart from the rest. However, I feel no different than any other woman. I wear dresses, paint my nails, obsess over the little things, and ride an emotional roller coaster daily. Why should I think I’m different? Why should I believe that others have different thought patterns? Because I am, and they do. 

I read into events and various things. I see the world through angles, electrons, waves, and numbers. I give reason to why my school is a wind tunnel. I find the most efficient pattern before I embark on any journey and run with it. I weigh the pros and cons of almost every situation: from giant life decisions to the path I’m going to take to the gym in the morning. I have strategic routines, and leave the same time almost every day. I like to schedule, plan, research, learn, and laugh. I like to laugh. I laugh at things that others don’t get (not the people). I bicker at movies where the science doesn’t add up. I question the things that don’t make sense. I’m different, and that’s okay. 

I don’t hide my intelligence, but I doubt it often. I know I’m smarter than I think, but society wants me to act otherwise. I know so many fun little facts that others might find not so fun. Pointless, even. Did you know that somewhere other than Earth – like a vacuum – that when an object falls, or is pushed off the table (or whatever), that there is an extremely small [like super dooper small] probability that that object can jump right back up to it’s initial position? When the object hits the floor, the kinetic energy is instantaneously converted into potential energy which is then also instantaneously converted back to kinetic energy thus making that object jump back onto the table (or whatever). ISN’T THAT COOL?! “Why would we care if it doesn’t happen on Earth? It’s not like we are ever going to see it.” WHO CARES IF YOU NEVER SEE IT. Just the fact that something like that could happen is so cool! Anyway, get my point? #nerd 

I’ve always known that people don’t see the world as I do. But I never faced it. I thought that people within the other physical sciences saw the same world. I stand corrected. I don’t know what they see, but I know it’s different. I can see things on a microscopic level, and why certain reactions occur because of these particles. Blame quantum mechanics, or just the way I think. I don’t particularly care; I find it rather interesting to be honest. I’m curious how they view the world – other scientists. I know other physicists tend to view the world in the same manner. (There are some conversations I know that “normal” couples don’t talk about…)

The take away here is that we’re all a rare breed & that’s okay. A sociologist thinks different than a historian, who thinks differently than an English teacher, who thinks differently than a psychologist. If we all were the same, and thought the same ideas, the world wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have made it this far. 

Embrace it.

Be different & be awesome. A Pep Talk From Me To You – well, actually, Kid President. 🙂

xo, LZE