Pi Day & Racing: What Could Have Been An EPIC Fail…

 18 Ridiculously Geeky Pi Jokes 

HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect poster for a math classroom.I'll be happy to share my bank account info with you! My PIN is the last 4 digits of Pi. I NEED THIS SHIRTTaxonomic classification pending. | 20 Spectacularly Nerdy Math JokesHa

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let me proceed.

For those who don’t know me, Pi day is my absolute favorite holiday of all time. And this year had to be super special because well it’s the only one that I’m going to see at this moment (3.14.15) I really honestly hoped to be married today because I really am THAT much of a nerd……. Don’t judge. BUT according to the Government, I’m still considered “single”. It’ll come one day.


So, in determining how to celebrate this FREAKING AWESOME day, I decided to run my first 10k race. Why not race on my favorite holiday? I love running and racing and Pi! Plus, I haven’t run a 10k before – though, I have to admit in December I did run a 12k; so distance isn’t really the reason. I just wanted to run something other than another 5k…

Well, let me tell you. This race had to be one of my most hilariously stupid memorable races I have ever been in. I did so terribly that it’s super funny! But for real, this was horrendous:

  • First, my little puppy, Charlee, kept me up almost every other hour having to go outside. So that was nice. Love her to death, but she better break this habit once Spring Break is over…Displaying 2015-03-10 16.38.14.png
  • Second, boyfriend didn’t attend because of the weather – which I totally get. Racing on the outside is boring as fuck. I just really enjoy seeing him at the finish line – selfish, I know.. It makes me super dooper happy. Anyway, that wasn’t really an issue. I’ve gone to races alone before; I just wanted to throw it into the pot.
  • Moving on, the weather was stupid. It was cold and pouring rain. This was the very first race that I have actually run in where it was DOWNPOURING almost the entire time. It was so bad I had to wrap my phone in saran wrap…… I mean I’ve run in drizzle or a light mist, but never like “where are my rainboots?” rain.
  • Then, I was almost late to line up because of the damn port-a-potty line. Normally, I give myself plenty of time for this, however, it was an emergency. Trust me, now being a pro at port-a-potties while wearing a tutu, I give myself plentyyyy of time to handle that shit.
  • Since I was almost late to line up, I was pretty much at the end of the 10k line. Okay fine, I didn’t think anything of it until I began running. I was pretty much left in the dust. Now I know why I start in the middle front….
  • The road was fine except for the ungodly amount of hills with sopping wet pine needles – it’s slippery as fuckkkkk. However, I ran up every single one of those hills thank you very much. On a slightly different note, my county has no freaking idea how to deal with cars during race hours. This was my second race where fucking public cars were on the route! GET THEM OUT! It’s dangerous – especially when the fuckers speed past you. If you need to deal with public, CHANGE THE ROUTE. Runners don’t care about running up grass hills or shit. Hell, I’d prefer that over a speeding car on the route.
  • Since I was pretty much at the end of the line to begin with, I basically ran the route by myself with two twig bitches in front of me. I would pass them – while they were walking – and then suddenly they would run about 0.25mi in front of me, then walk again. This happened the entire freaking race. Bitches.
  • I didn’t let any of that deter me. I ran the entire time and finished the race in 76 minutes. (funny story: I initially thought the clock said 80.5 minutes……then the official times were announced..damn rain) I didn’t think I did too badly. I knew I could do much much better. But considering the circumstances, I did fine. It wasn’t until I got the official times when I realized that I placed 107 out of 112 runners. hahahahahahaha what? I don’t care where I placed, but dude, I SUCKED. I can’t help but to laugh at this ranking! Man, it’s terrible for someone who runs as much as I do. ahahahahahahaha

Despite all these negative things that happened, here are the positives and what I had learned:

1. Yeah, the weather SUCKED, but the energy was great. Everyone still had awesome attitudes and eager to run the races.

2. I have no regrets in participating. I had a blast.

3. I finished the race and that’s all that matters.

4. I’ve always been aware of the “one day you’ll place first, and one day you’ll finish dead last” saying. I try to have this outlook because it keeps me staying positive. Just like the Bill Nye quote: You’ll meet someone who’s smarter than you, and one who will not be as smart as you. Well, today I pretty much lived this saying. It’s okay to finish close to last. Builds character.

5. I ran this entire race. I only slowed down at the water stations so I wouldn’t choke. I’m proud of what I did, and how far I have come. My very first 5k time was 55 minutes. To run two 5ks in 20 minutes more than that initial time is rather humbling for me. I never would have thought that I would get this far in running.

Long story short, yeah basically this race could have ruined my day. But I didn’t let it. I kept my spirits up and looked on the bright side. It’s amazing what you can do when you change your perspective.


xo, LZE


There’s Value in the Struggle

What do you think of this article?

Changes to the SAT

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook asking for thoughts; so I figured I’d do the same but expand a little more on my own take. 

Thoughts: People have become too reliant on calculators. I am a fan of ‘no calculators’ because they force you think about how to solve the problem rather than just punching in numbers to a device and expecting that answer to be correct. I can see how they will not allow calculators on only part of the math section because in the parts they listed, a calculator is pointless. As for the math and vocab changes, I feel they are lowering the standards because the critical thinking skills of today’s child are moderately low. They have to accommodate for how the child thinks today. This whole SAT change thing really is just a result of the standardization movement, and now they are trying to pick up the pieces of something they’ve profited off of for so long. While I think the changes they are making are fair, I wish this didn’t happen – I wish the standardization movement didn’t happen. It put us much further back than people probably ever thought, and now we’re forced to do things like this so the kid doesn’t have to suffer more than they already have.

With the pace of society, everything is almost given to kids today. Don’t know a word? Go to the dictionary and look it up. Google it. Don’t know where this country is? Look at a map. Google it. Can’t spell? Rely on spell check – because it knows everything. Don’t want to call to order a pizza? FREAKING ORDER IT ONLINE. What the heck people? Have some person to person interaction. Everyone craves it, but no one does it.

Back to what I was trying to get at; We don’t force kids to think for themselves. We don’t hold high standards because we think they can’t think. Just like men thought that women were “too weak to handle the public sphere” we feel “kids can’t handle critical thinking”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tutored students and they just want me to give them the answer. Excuse me, no. I’ve already done this. As much as I love working with children and helping them learn, by no means will I ever give them the answer. They can think; they can do it. There’s value in the struggle.

There’s value in the struggle. A common phrase around the physics’ floor by a well known professor. I believe in this statement. While you cannot gain anything from simply doing everything the easy way, I see more in this statement. I see that you need to find your own way out to succeed. I see that you need to struggle first before you overcome any obstacle. If you aren’t struggling, you aren’t thinking hard enough or in the correct manner. While I use the term “struggle” loosely, I mean more of a challenge. You can almost always get yourself out of any situation by thinking. There’s value in the struggle – don’t give up. As long as you think you can do it, you can do it. You can’t do anything if you say you can’t.

Challenge. As a teacher, if you don’t challenge your students, what are you doing? Surely you are helping them learn…By challenging them you are preparing them to face the rest of the world because one day whether you like it or not they are going to be pushed from the nest forced to fly. They have to be prepared to take any shit that’s given. Be prepared to create new ways to do things. Be prepared to pick up the pieces. Be prepared to provide innovative technologies to a very technological world. Be prepared to solve the hardest problems the human race has to face. Be prepared to battle fights they may not even choose to be fighting. Be prepared to face social stigmas. Be prepared to battle their own beliefs. A lot rely on teachers. That’s why we are all teachers. Regardless if you are in the education field or not, we teach people every day how we be us. How we choose to live our lives. How we choose to stand up for our beliefs, where our passions lie, how we think. The choices we make affect not only us, but others. They see what we decided to do or what not to do. While they agree or not, it affected them – even if it was as little as “oh, he just competed in a dance competition. That’s nice. I hope he enjoyed it.” Social media does wonders.

I could go on and on about these subjects. Even though I veered a little off topic, challenge your kids.

Teachers, parents, peers; challenge them & never think they can’t ever achieve the status you have or excel past it. 

xo, LZE