Pi Day & Racing: What Could Have Been An EPIC Fail…

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HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let me proceed.

For those who don’t know me, Pi day is my absolute favorite holiday of all time. And this year had to be super special because well it’s the only one that I’m going to see at this moment (3.14.15) I really honestly hoped to be married today because I really am THAT much of a nerd……. Don’t judge. BUT according to the Government, I’m still considered “single”. It’ll come one day.


So, in determining how to celebrate this FREAKING AWESOME day, I decided to run my first 10k race. Why not race on my favorite holiday? I love running and racing and Pi! Plus, I haven’t run a 10k before – though, I have to admit in December I did run a 12k; so distance isn’t really the reason. I just wanted to run something other than another 5k…

Well, let me tell you. This race had to be one of my most hilariously stupid memorable races I have ever been in. I did so terribly that it’s super funny! But for real, this was horrendous:

  • First, my little puppy, Charlee, kept me up almost every other hour having to go outside. So that was nice. Love her to death, but she better break this habit once Spring Break is over…Displaying 2015-03-10 16.38.14.png
  • Second, boyfriend didn’t attend because of the weather – which I totally get. Racing on the outside is boring as fuck. I just really enjoy seeing him at the finish line – selfish, I know.. It makes me super dooper happy. Anyway, that wasn’t really an issue. I’ve gone to races alone before; I just wanted to throw it into the pot.
  • Moving on, the weather was stupid. It was cold and pouring rain. This was the very first race that I have actually run in where it was DOWNPOURING almost the entire time. It was so bad I had to wrap my phone in saran wrap…… I mean I’ve run in drizzle or a light mist, but never like “where are my rainboots?” rain.
  • Then, I was almost late to line up because of the damn port-a-potty line. Normally, I give myself plenty of time for this, however, it was an emergency. Trust me, now being a pro at port-a-potties while wearing a tutu, I give myself plentyyyy of time to handle that shit.
  • Since I was almost late to line up, I was pretty much at the end of the 10k line. Okay fine, I didn’t think anything of it until I began running. I was pretty much left in the dust. Now I know why I start in the middle front….
  • The road was fine except for the ungodly amount of hills with sopping wet pine needles – it’s slippery as fuckkkkk. However, I ran up every single one of those hills thank you very much. On a slightly different note, my county has no freaking idea how to deal with cars during race hours. This was my second race where fucking public cars were on the route! GET THEM OUT! It’s dangerous – especially when the fuckers speed past you. If you need to deal with public, CHANGE THE ROUTE. Runners don’t care about running up grass hills or shit. Hell, I’d prefer that over a speeding car on the route.
  • Since I was pretty much at the end of the line to begin with, I basically ran the route by myself with two twig bitches in front of me. I would pass them – while they were walking – and then suddenly they would run about 0.25mi in front of me, then walk again. This happened the entire freaking race. Bitches.
  • I didn’t let any of that deter me. I ran the entire time and finished the race in 76 minutes. (funny story: I initially thought the clock said 80.5 minutes……then the official times were announced..damn rain) I didn’t think I did too badly. I knew I could do much much better. But considering the circumstances, I did fine. It wasn’t until I got the official times when I realized that I placed 107 out of 112 runners. hahahahahahaha what? I don’t care where I placed, but dude, I SUCKED. I can’t help but to laugh at this ranking! Man, it’s terrible for someone who runs as much as I do. ahahahahahahaha

Despite all these negative things that happened, here are the positives and what I had learned:

1. Yeah, the weather SUCKED, but the energy was great. Everyone still had awesome attitudes and eager to run the races.

2. I have no regrets in participating. I had a blast.

3. I finished the race and that’s all that matters.

4. I’ve always been aware of the “one day you’ll place first, and one day you’ll finish dead last” saying. I try to have this outlook because it keeps me staying positive. Just like the Bill Nye quote: You’ll meet someone who’s smarter than you, and one who will not be as smart as you. Well, today I pretty much lived this saying. It’s okay to finish close to last. Builds character.

5. I ran this entire race. I only slowed down at the water stations so I wouldn’t choke. I’m proud of what I did, and how far I have come. My very first 5k time was 55 minutes. To run two 5ks in 20 minutes more than that initial time is rather humbling for me. I never would have thought that I would get this far in running.

Long story short, yeah basically this race could have ruined my day. But I didn’t let it. I kept my spirits up and looked on the bright side. It’s amazing what you can do when you change your perspective.


xo, LZE


Be Different


Being a female in the physical sciences already sets me apart from the rest. However, I feel no different than any other woman. I wear dresses, paint my nails, obsess over the little things, and ride an emotional roller coaster daily. Why should I think I’m different? Why should I believe that others have different thought patterns? Because I am, and they do. 

I read into events and various things. I see the world through angles, electrons, waves, and numbers. I give reason to why my school is a wind tunnel. I find the most efficient pattern before I embark on any journey and run with it. I weigh the pros and cons of almost every situation: from giant life decisions to the path I’m going to take to the gym in the morning. I have strategic routines, and leave the same time almost every day. I like to schedule, plan, research, learn, and laugh. I like to laugh. I laugh at things that others don’t get (not the people). I bicker at movies where the science doesn’t add up. I question the things that don’t make sense. I’m different, and that’s okay. 

I don’t hide my intelligence, but I doubt it often. I know I’m smarter than I think, but society wants me to act otherwise. I know so many fun little facts that others might find not so fun. Pointless, even. Did you know that somewhere other than Earth – like a vacuum – that when an object falls, or is pushed off the table (or whatever), that there is an extremely small [like super dooper small] probability that that object can jump right back up to it’s initial position? When the object hits the floor, the kinetic energy is instantaneously converted into potential energy which is then also instantaneously converted back to kinetic energy thus making that object jump back onto the table (or whatever). ISN’T THAT COOL?! “Why would we care if it doesn’t happen on Earth? It’s not like we are ever going to see it.” WHO CARES IF YOU NEVER SEE IT. Just the fact that something like that could happen is so cool! Anyway, get my point? #nerd 

I’ve always known that people don’t see the world as I do. But I never faced it. I thought that people within the other physical sciences saw the same world. I stand corrected. I don’t know what they see, but I know it’s different. I can see things on a microscopic level, and why certain reactions occur because of these particles. Blame quantum mechanics, or just the way I think. I don’t particularly care; I find it rather interesting to be honest. I’m curious how they view the world – other scientists. I know other physicists tend to view the world in the same manner. (There are some conversations I know that “normal” couples don’t talk about…)

The take away here is that we’re all a rare breed & that’s okay. A sociologist thinks different than a historian, who thinks differently than an English teacher, who thinks differently than a psychologist. If we all were the same, and thought the same ideas, the world wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have made it this far. 

Embrace it.

Be different & be awesome. A Pep Talk From Me To You – well, actually, Kid President. 🙂

xo, LZE