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Why do you run?

This – or anything to do with running – seems to be a common question/topic in my life. Why? Probably because I throw it in people’s faces through talking about it, posting on Facebook, and pinning on Pinterest. Some probably find it annoying, but I don’t mind though.

I haven’t always been runner. Actually I stayed away from it until about two years ago. It’s not that I hated running, I just didn’t understand why people wanted to run all over the place for fun. Who wants to do that for fun? I was a walker; I loved to walk long distances. I had this thing with running. I was under the impression that I had to run the whole time, be fast and not out of breath. I was always afraid of what the people behind me thought: Did you see that girl? She totally just started running then stopped! It has only been 3 minutes! What a loser. Now if they actually thought that I have no idea, but I can tell you that for a time I couldn’t run longer than like 10 minutes at a time (thank you asthma). But I stuck with it. I said ‘Screw you people I don’t know! I don’t care what you think of me!‘ and began running. Slowly, but surely. 

⌈That whole thing about worrying what others think is a load of bullshit. You do you, and whatever the hell you want to do. This is much easier said than done, but it’s so worth it. I’m not fully there yet, however, I can feel a weight lifted off my shoulders already. ⌋

I’m not madly in love with running – okay actually that’s a lie. I’m training for a marathon…There are times when I don’t want to run, but then I do and I feel AHHHH-MAZING. Running is me time. While running with a buddy is always fun, I’ve tackled this journey all by myself so far because none of my friends are crazy enough to run with me. And by crazy enough I mean that they think a 5k is far. But that’s okay, I don’t mind running by myself. I enjoy being surrounded by nature (or a gym if I really, really, like seriously have to) and music. Yes, I run with music. Yes it’s dangerous, but I take precautions. Music is my passion so why not mix it with running? Anyway, some people think or solve problems or let their imagination fly when they run. I literally run with an empty mind being alert of my surroundings. I don’t think or solve any problems. I do motivate myself occasionally with “you only have one more mile to go!” or “you’re halfway there!” I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. When I’m not running I’m either solving math/physics/life problems, thinking too much or worrying far more than I ever should. Running gives me a break. I have too many other things going on to think about anything else other than not getting hit by a car or abducted.. 

At one time I didn’t think I would make a mile, or two – nevermind say “It’s only 3.1 miles. You’ll be fine.” Now, I’d consider myself a long distance runner. While the farthest I’ve run to date is about 6.5 miles, my attitude says “You will run much farther than the 26.2 mile race.” I don’t know how I do it, but I prefer the longer distances. They make me feel better. Also, It isn’t about how long it takes you. What matters is that you finishedIn some cases, like qualifying times, yeah that doesn’t really apply, but a mile is a mile no matter how long it takes you to get there. 

I don’t necessarily run for exercise or to stay in shape. Of course it helps. And yes, sometimes I do use the excuse of ‘It’s okay. I ran today’ to indulge in some decadent dessert. But that’s not the reason why I run. I do choose running as part of my exercise but you can thank carpal tunnel in both wrists for that one. I’m not allowed to play sports anymore or lift super heavy weights. So, I just have really strong legs. 

I run: to be happy, to feel good, to clear my mind, to push my limits, to say ‘look what I can do’, because I can

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xo, LZE


Academic Misconceptions

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I minored in Math, but that doesn’t mean I can add. I majored in Physics, but that doesn’t mean I discovered the mysteries of the universe. You’d be surprised or not on how many people assume these things just because of what I studied in college. Yes, I can do math. I can derive, integrate, write in Mathematica code, write proofs, solve arithmetic, and things similar. I cannot always do it in my head, but yes I can do it. Just because you fire ‘WHAT’S 652 TIMES 50697?!’ at me and in three seconds you yell ‘COME ON, I THOUGHT YOU STUDIED MATH!’ because I didn’t give you an answer or pulled out my calculator does not indicate that I did not study math.

My degree is written in technicalities, but in reality I have a degree in problem solving. Math and physics teach you how to look at the world a different way. Of course there are numbers actually a crap ton of numbers but beneath those digits, there are concepts, ideas, the real world. I learned how to look at a problem and determine an adequate solution; in most cases, there are multiple solutions, it depends on what you’re looking for. That’s what I loved about the math modeling competitions I participated in; you could do whatever the hell you wanted and it wasn’t necessarily wrong. The numbers don’t matter. That is, unless you are calculating the allowed weight for a bridge you just designed for the city or the height of a building verses the fly zones of airplanes, then perhaps numbers matter. But in the sense of learning basic physics/math, the numbers are just there to throw you off. It’s how you look at the problem and tackle it. It’s your process of thinking. It’s figuring out the best way to get from Point A to Point G and avoiding Points B and E. Problem solving. Fun Fact: Did you know that students who study physics do better on the MCAT than those who studied premed? It pretty much also says any other standardized test – physics students know how to pick apart questions and well, solve problems.


So to put it all togetherrrrrrrr: Yes, I can do math. Yes, I can do physics. But most of all I have learned how to problem solve. Just because I have studied this does not mean I can answer all questions thrown at me. After all, it is just a bachelor’s degree. If I had my PhD in physics/math, go ahead throw everythin’ at me! I’m sure people who have studied other subjects feel the same way. For example, ‘you studied Sociology, now create world peace!’, and ‘you studied Psychology, what type of mental disorder do I have?’. It gets annoying sometimes.

Quantum physics// we create what we See

Also in regards to any subject, asking super specific questions, then being unsatisfied with a ‘I don’t know’ does not constitute saying ‘You have a degree in this and you can’t answer the question?’. Chances are you are asking a rather basic question, perhaps high school level. In these terms, the person being asked the question has been studying much more than basic level for the last (at least) four years of their lives. They don’t think on the same level any more. In some cases, the basics by name don’t matter. “What is this function and why is it named this way? How do you take the derivative of this using the limit?” “I don’t remember.” “But you studied math! You should know this!” The problem is, I do know it, but taking the derivative by use of the limit is highly annoying when you can use all the shortcuts. So you remember the shortcuts. Certainly it mattered to do the long way, or to remember the name of every function at that given time – you were being graded on it. Also you needed to know the importance of that way before getting to the shortcut. You have to learn the rules before you can break them. Didn’t we all do this with division? Those who remember doing division by hand…
So in defense of everyone who gets asked super specific questions, then shot down and begin to lose confidence, don’t worry. It just happens; people who haven’t been there don’t understand. There is always something we don’t know and there is always something we know that others don’t. That is what makes life interesting.

xo, LZE

You matter.

Wondering this Wednesday

very inspiring

Unload and Unwind


I’ve been pondering the concept of perseverance recently and how it applies not just to large dreams and ideas but also to the simple concept of living each day.  I think at times it takes more fortitude to continue with your life each day than it does to reach for our goals [the big and the small].

So often it is the little things in life that build up to a crescendo that makes you pause for a moment and say; can I keep doing this, can I keep moving forward as life throws speed bump after speed bump in my path.  The big problems, these you can plan for, work around and assess as time goes by.  But the little things, the ones you didn’t expect or just didn’t foresee, those are the things that will trip you if you’re not careful.

It’s one of the reasons when…

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When are you most active?

When are you most active?

That is, provided you like fitness and things of that nature. 

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I’m rather active. I like to run, hike, walk – get up and do things. I’d like to be more active, though, people will say ‘you’re psycho! you already workout enough.’ I actually get that now and I’m only active about 4 days a week which includes at least one 4.5mi run. That’s not active enough for me hahaha And that’s definitely not the most I have done at one time. Okay, so where are you going with this? 

The time I was most active was two summers ago when I was working about 30hrs a week. I worked and worked out; that was it. I loved it, and I looked good too hahaha! Between that summer and now, I’ve been at school and working out moderately – certainly not as much as before except for the month of October 2013 when I had a race every weekend. Now, I’m not working this summer, before my “big girl job” that starts in August. So I like have all the free time in the world aside from when I’m playing taxi. Do you think I get my butt out of bed like I used to? No and it bugs the poop out of me.

 Note to self.

I sleep in until like 1030 11am every day – what the heck?! Others think ‘OMG THAT’S AWESOME’, and all I can say is “WTF HAPPENED TO MY DAY?!’ I am most definitely an early riser but I can never get my butt out of bed these days and I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m doing anything! “Why don’t you just workout after that?” Asthma and nature allergies do not work in humid conditions.

So that’s why I pose the question: When are you most active? 

Based on my life, I’m more active when I’m already busy. Somehow I manage to rearrange my schedule to workout. But when I have all the time in the world, I don’t want to work out; my bed is beyond comfortable. If this is how others operate too, I can see why everyone is unhappy with themselves or the world.

This is what I tell my hubby when I go to the gym instead of watching hockey with him!!

I think some operate this way, but I also think others operate on the “I’m too busy and tired from work, why the hell would I workout on top of that?” Okay, so that makes sense, but workout before you go to work? Morning people have trouble understanding why others do not like to wake up early. Exactly!

Anyway, I just find it odd that I have all the time in the world but instead I’d rather stay in my hot room than bask in the gorgeous sunlight. At least one of those gives you a tan! I’m curious to see if it’s normal, or how others operate.

But really, if you’re the same or different in regards to working out, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I like conversations.

xo, LZE

Hilarious running motivation at a marathon might have to do this for some of my longer distance friends

Sleeves Make Her Look Better

Well, this is frustrating;

Apparently the school officials at a Utah high school feel that it’s totally okay to photoshop these photos on the idea that they want the students to dress professionally? What the hell were they thinking? They weren’t.

1. The article discusses that the girls in those photoshopped photos will struggle with body image issues because they had sleeves put on or their neckline risen. Eh, I think regardless females will struggle with body image, but this certainly does not help them to get over it. I mean adding sleeves is not as bad as adding fat. They still have a point.

2. What the fuck. Why the hell does it matter if the girls are wearing tank tops or not? I get it if someone were naked, but hopefully that would be stopped before the photo was even taken. I honestly want to know what these people were thinking? If you want them to learn how to dress professionally, photoshopping pictures will not teach them. If you expect them to dress properly, enforce a dress code every day, not just picture day. Do NOT expect them to dress like they normally do, and it’s okay by everyone, then change their photos. This is just messed up. 

3. If it’s such a big deal, make everyone dress the same way for picture day ya dummy. Like helllooooooo!

4. I’d like to see what the Editor thought of this. Did the Editor choose to do it alongside the Officials, or did they oppose to it? There has to be some type of say; they oversee the entire damn book. When I was running the show, I did what I wanted. This power could have easily, most definitely easily abused, but it never was. I always asked permission of students or whatever, because if we ever EVER did shit like this the book would get pulled. But then again, it was never my choice to photoshop anything; all of our photos were clean. The portraits could have been by the company they came from, then again that was the school’s doing. Everyone runs their book a different way. Some people have the portraits flown in and the Editor can’t change it with all the permissions they have. Others have to put the photos in one by one and hope to goodness they didn’t get the names wrong. I’ve had to do both, and neither are pleasant. So you can’t blame the Editor for it because they may not have even known. If I were in there shoes, I’d feel bad a crap though.

5. Leave the girl’s tattoo alone. She chose to have it there. What if it meant something so near and dear to her heart and then someone decided it was ugly and erased it. What the heck?! it’s not your body. I have three tattoos. All three mean something near and dear to my heart, and I chose to have them where I do because it made the most sense. You can’t just decide how you want someone to look because you don’t like it. Screw off.

6. It is more bothersome that they may have pick and chose these photos to edit. If you were going to edit some, why not edit all the damn photos? It’s just worse to pick and choose. It’s like they targeted these girls from the start of ‘oh I don’t like that shirt on them, let me fix it up a little bit’. Just stop. Let the girls be themselves. It’s not like they were dressed in neon with giraffe hair; I mean that would be okay too, but it seems the school would just accidentally forget to add her photo in. 

7. People need to stop picking on other people. We are all great the way we are! Embrace it!

xo, LZE

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I can’t make you unpack your suitcase.

hannah brencher.


When I unzipped the belly of the little red suitcase the book was sitting there.

It was sitting right on top. It was waiting for me. Two years ago, I used to think that if ever I sat down and finally read that book, it would probably be my favorite book. Maybe one day. Instead, I grabbed a sweater and I closed the suitcase shut. I checked the bag. I would see it in New Orleans. There’s never enough room for your second carry-on bag when they lump you into Zone 3.

Half of my life plays out in airports. The people who spend too much time in airports know I’m not saying that to sound romantic. It can be a tad whimsical. On quiet mornings. And when you aren’t getting a connecting flight in Atlanta. And when you get to fly into cute, little airports with baggage claim…

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