Academic Misconceptions

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I minored in Math, but that doesn’t mean I can add. I majored in Physics, but that doesn’t mean I discovered the mysteries of the universe. You’d be surprised or not on how many people assume these things just because of what I studied in college. Yes, I can do math. I can derive, integrate, write in Mathematica code, write proofs, solve arithmetic, and things similar. I cannot always do it in my head, but yes I can do it. Just because you fire ‘WHAT’S 652 TIMES 50697?!’ at me and in three seconds you yell ‘COME ON, I THOUGHT YOU STUDIED MATH!’ because I didn’t give you an answer or pulled out my calculator does not indicate that I did not study math.

My degree is written in technicalities, but in reality I have a degree in problem solving. Math and physics teach you how to look at the world a different way. Of course there are numbers actually a crap ton of numbers but beneath those digits, there are concepts, ideas, the real world. I learned how to look at a problem and determine an adequate solution; in most cases, there are multiple solutions, it depends on what you’re looking for. That’s what I loved about the math modeling competitions I participated in; you could do whatever the hell you wanted and it wasn’t necessarily wrong. The numbers don’t matter. That is, unless you are calculating the allowed weight for a bridge you just designed for the city or the height of a building verses the fly zones of airplanes, then perhaps numbers matter. But in the sense of learning basic physics/math, the numbers are just there to throw you off. It’s how you look at the problem and tackle it. It’s your process of thinking. It’s figuring out the best way to get from Point A to Point G and avoiding Points B and E. Problem solving. Fun Fact: Did you know that students who study physics do better on the MCAT than those who studied premed? It pretty much also says any other standardized test – physics students know how to pick apart questions and well, solve problems.


So to put it all togetherrrrrrrr: Yes, I can do math. Yes, I can do physics. But most of all I have learned how to problem solve. Just because I have studied this does not mean I can answer all questions thrown at me. After all, it is just a bachelor’s degree. If I had my PhD in physics/math, go ahead throw everythin’ at me! I’m sure people who have studied other subjects feel the same way. For example, ‘you studied Sociology, now create world peace!’, and ‘you studied Psychology, what type of mental disorder do I have?’. It gets annoying sometimes.

Quantum physics// we create what we See

Also in regards to any subject, asking super specific questions, then being unsatisfied with a ‘I don’t know’ does not constitute saying ‘You have a degree in this and you can’t answer the question?’. Chances are you are asking a rather basic question, perhaps high school level. In these terms, the person being asked the question has been studying much more than basic level for the last (at least) four years of their lives. They don’t think on the same level any more. In some cases, the basics by name don’t matter. “What is this function and why is it named this way? How do you take the derivative of this using the limit?” “I don’t remember.” “But you studied math! You should know this!” The problem is, I do know it, but taking the derivative by use of the limit is highly annoying when you can use all the shortcuts. So you remember the shortcuts. Certainly it mattered to do the long way, or to remember the name of every function at that given time – you were being graded on it. Also you needed to know the importance of that way before getting to the shortcut. You have to learn the rules before you can break them. Didn’t we all do this with division? Those who remember doing division by hand…
So in defense of everyone who gets asked super specific questions, then shot down and begin to lose confidence, don’t worry. It just happens; people who haven’t been there don’t understand. There is always something we don’t know and there is always something we know that others don’t. That is what makes life interesting.

xo, LZE

You matter.


Wondering this Wednesday

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Unload and Unwind


I’ve been pondering the concept of perseverance recently and how it applies not just to large dreams and ideas but also to the simple concept of living each day.  I think at times it takes more fortitude to continue with your life each day than it does to reach for our goals [the big and the small].

So often it is the little things in life that build up to a crescendo that makes you pause for a moment and say; can I keep doing this, can I keep moving forward as life throws speed bump after speed bump in my path.  The big problems, these you can plan for, work around and assess as time goes by.  But the little things, the ones you didn’t expect or just didn’t foresee, those are the things that will trip you if you’re not careful.

It’s one of the reasons when…

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When are you most active?

When are you most active?

That is, provided you like fitness and things of that nature. 

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I’m rather active. I like to run, hike, walk – get up and do things. I’d like to be more active, though, people will say ‘you’re psycho! you already workout enough.’ I actually get that now and I’m only active about 4 days a week which includes at least one 4.5mi run. That’s not active enough for me hahaha And that’s definitely not the most I have done at one time. Okay, so where are you going with this? 

The time I was most active was two summers ago when I was working about 30hrs a week. I worked and worked out; that was it. I loved it, and I looked good too hahaha! Between that summer and now, I’ve been at school and working out moderately – certainly not as much as before except for the month of October 2013 when I had a race every weekend. Now, I’m not working this summer, before my “big girl job” that starts in August. So I like have all the free time in the world aside from when I’m playing taxi. Do you think I get my butt out of bed like I used to? No and it bugs the poop out of me.

 Note to self.

I sleep in until like 1030 11am every day – what the heck?! Others think ‘OMG THAT’S AWESOME’, and all I can say is “WTF HAPPENED TO MY DAY?!’ I am most definitely an early riser but I can never get my butt out of bed these days and I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m doing anything! “Why don’t you just workout after that?” Asthma and nature allergies do not work in humid conditions.

So that’s why I pose the question: When are you most active? 

Based on my life, I’m more active when I’m already busy. Somehow I manage to rearrange my schedule to workout. But when I have all the time in the world, I don’t want to work out; my bed is beyond comfortable. If this is how others operate too, I can see why everyone is unhappy with themselves or the world.

This is what I tell my hubby when I go to the gym instead of watching hockey with him!!

I think some operate this way, but I also think others operate on the “I’m too busy and tired from work, why the hell would I workout on top of that?” Okay, so that makes sense, but workout before you go to work? Morning people have trouble understanding why others do not like to wake up early. Exactly!

Anyway, I just find it odd that I have all the time in the world but instead I’d rather stay in my hot room than bask in the gorgeous sunlight. At least one of those gives you a tan! I’m curious to see if it’s normal, or how others operate.

But really, if you’re the same or different in regards to working out, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I like conversations.

xo, LZE

Hilarious running motivation at a marathon might have to do this for some of my longer distance friends